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Doesn’t matter what time of year it is, food seem to permeate everything we do in our life. Perhaps this is precisely the reason why Halloween Costumes based on food theme have been so popular among adults and children alike. Other thing is that not everyone enjoys dressing up in a ghost, vampire or witch costume. Fruit and vegetables costumes were always very popular, but the idea of dressing up in a Sushi might be able to give you a completely unique look this Halloween season.  An exquisite, brightly coloured bunch of grapes or a seemingly fresh stalk of celery might be enough to set you apart from the regular crowd; however a sushi Halloween costume would make you different and unique in the truest sense.

Welcome to SushiCostume.Com where we ask sushi lovers everywhere to prove their love of sushi by wearing a sushi costume!  What an original and creative idea for your Halloween party or other event (or for the restaurateur who wishes to draw in the crowds by having a human sushi greeter in sushi costume outside on the sidewalk)!  This fun costume is bound to turn heads, and there are, surprisingly, a number of sushi costume options for the true sushi lover!

Interestingly, sushi has been consumed (particularly by those in Japanese cultures) for centuries, or should that be millennia.  Yes, the practice of eating this raw fish delicacy dates back to thousands of years ago.  Sushi was once a delicacy that was enjoyed only in Asiatic countries, but it has slowly made its way global, and in the U.S., it has a huge following of sushi-hungry fans.  That makes it only fitting that someone would want to dress in a sushi costume for Halloween, parties, masquerade balls, dances, and other events.

When selecting your sushi costume, you have a number of options. You can dress as an actual sushi roll that you slip on over your head.  With this type of sushi costume, you would wear a long sleeve shirt beneath the sushi roll and wear regular slacks, tights, leggings, or even leg warmers to disguise your legs.  There are also sushi costumes that allow you to portray yourself as a sushi chef.  These can be quite fun and usually feature a full chef’s attire with a tall hat, usually in red or some other oriental color.  As you’ll see when browsing our site to find the perfect sushi costume, there are costumes that range from three dimensional sushi rolls to bodysuits that are adorned with sushi rolls so that you can pay homage to your love of sushi.

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Sushi, originally, is a Japanese food that has been known to natives for thousands of years. This particular food can be traced back in the country as far back as the fourth century B.C. There was a time when sushi was exclusively eaten in Asia, but now this food has become extremely popular all around the world, including the United States of America. With growing popularity of Sushi, the Sushi costumes have also been gaining fast popularity; yet, they are unique in their own way.

You can buy Sushi costumes in children as well as in adults’ size. They are quite easy to make at home also, but yet you would need considerable time to collect the materials and put them together. The best bet would be to buy a sushi costumes from one of the online store. They are not only amazingly affordable but are also perfect and ready to wear. So rock the Halloween party this season in a sushi costume. Watch for sushi lovers though!

Sushi Halloween Costume

When the summers are about to finish, both children and adults alike, start getting excited about upcoming Halloween season and start thinking about the costume they are going to wear for the Halloween party. The costume choices are literally innumerable and the seemingly endless possibilities of costumes can end up overwhelming you. While vampires, witches, ghosts etc are the most common costume choices for adults, famous characters from TV shows, cartoons or comics are the best sellers when it comes to costumes for children. However, these costumes are so common that it is not unusual to see 15 Harry Potter and 10 Hannah Montana in a singly Halloween party. Now some people just don’t like the idea and want to look different and unique; they want to stand out. In place of an overdone and must-have costume of the year, why not opt for a cool and different costume based on a country, era or even a food you love most.

When it comes to food, fruits and vegetables, though not as common as witches, ghosts or Harry Potters, are still very common. Then which food on the earth can make you stand out from the crowd. It is none other than a Sushi costume. Sushi is a food native to Japan and is now equally loved all across the world. Dressing up in a Sushi costume wouldn’t just make you stand out, but would also make you delightfully tempting.

You can buy Sushi costumes in many different variations, from a simple tunic to more elaborate costume. For instance, one type of sushi costume set includes a nude bodysuit with a number of attached sushi rolls and a headpiece, while other simple set includes a 3-dimensional sushi roll tunic.

One thing is for sure, dressed up in a sushi costume you wouldn’t need to fish for compliments in the Halloween night.

Accessorizing Your Costume

A unique twist on the ideal Halloween costume is the Sushi Costume and coordinating accessories. To accessorize the look of your Sushi Costume, you might consider carrying along a faux knife with a wooden cutting board. Many accessorize the look with an apron like worn by those preparing eats in a Sushi restaurant. Dressing as a Sushi roll allows you to add leg warmers in a coordinating shade as well as a coordinating hat or cap. With this costume, you should consider wearing a warm long sleeve shirt and leggings or tight cotton pants in order to stay warm. Halloween usually falls during cooler weather in most parts of the country.

Measuring for Your Costume

Don’t get a ‘raw’ deal: measure for your sushi costume prior to ordering so that you know that it will fit you well when it arrives. It can be a mistake to go by the size that you usually order for other clothing when buying a costume. That is why a size chart is included in every product page listing on the most reputable websites. This page allows you to compare your waist, hips and chest measurements, as well as your inseam, height and weight, to the costume that you are considering. This way you know if the costume will fit you well, even before it arrives.

Adults and children who do not like dressing up in a witch, vampire or ghost costume usually dress up in fruits and vegetables costumes. If you are one of them and are looking for a unique and different costume, unlike the usual ones you wore until now, for this Halloween, then you will certainly be happy with a sushi costume. Everyone loves sushi and you can get a costume that looks like a sushi roll. There are three dimensional sushi suits that can be slipped on over the head as well as bodysuits in the form of sushi rolls. There are also sushi chef costumes.

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